Shoe Podium – Multicolor

Highlight your bestselling shoes with our Shoe Podium. By setting them apart from and above the rest, your customers can spot them easily as something special. The stand is height adjustable between 22~35cm and you can also adjust the angle of the podium. This way it can hold both shoes with a heel (when you tilt the ridge to be on top) and flat sole shoes (if you tilt the ridge to be on the bottom). The podium comes in our signature colors: chrome, white, black and antique gold.
Product details
  • MaterialsSteel

  • DimensionsW12×D20×H22~35cm

  • NoteAngle and height are adjustable

Including VAT

Excluding VAT



How to style

Create lots of variety when displaying your jewellery and accessories. Adding different heights to the set-up gives a clear overview of all your items.

How to style